We Think Big about our community.

We Think Big knows that the future of education will involve us all.  Educators, students, administrators, early career and retired professionals, parents, community leaders and other key stakeholders work together to shape a shared vision for educational innovation in the region.

Special projects like the renowned Startup Weekend for EducationEdsurge Tech Leaders Circle, and local gatherings created strong communities of practice for the region.

Startup Weekend for Education (2016)

In 2016, WeThinkBig spearheaded bringing the first-ever Startup Weekend for Education to Wisconsin, attracting over 100 attendees, including 44 registrants, 37 business volunteers, and two dozen innovation supporters together for a 54-hour marathon of team building, education-focused creative problem solving, prototype development and business pitch competition.

TeachersNet and the Madison Education Meetups

Where do educators and education enthusiasts go to meet, network and learn from other educational innovators? WeThinkBig created and hosted TeachersNet – an education-oriented meetup.

WeThinkBig continues to explore opportunities to bring education stakeholders together in the community.

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