Startup Weekend Education – SWEDU


July 22 – 24, 2016
Discovery Building, Madison, WI

18 Ideas Pitched
6 Developed
3 Awarded All winners!

First Place: FlashLapse
Second Place: UFi
Third Place: Random Acts of Mindfulness

And a huge THANK YOU to the volunteers and sponsors who made this experience possible!

21 Organizing Team Members; 6 Senior Judges; 4 Student Judges; 17 Professional Coaches; 15 Gold & Silver Sponsors; 6 Scholarship & Prize Providers; and 45 budding innovators who thank you!

What a difference a weekend makes!

Over 100 people attended Wisconsin’s first-ever Startup Weekend for Education! Attendees came from as far away as Minneapolis and suburban Chicago, and ranged from a pre-teen student judge to seasoned senior experts.

The participants included: 12 educators; 18 students; 12 tech and business professionals; and audience members from the general public. They were joined by over 17 expert coaches from the business and education community and 10 student and senior judges, each representing extensive insight and expertise.

The weekend was marked by tremendous creative energy, buoyed confidences, surprising insights, new friendships, and a new appreciation for “what is possible for education innovation” in Wisconsin!

But don’t take our word for it. Look at and listen to the Mad-SWEDU Class of 2016!

“Love hanging out with my #MadSWEDU weekend-family. Still can’t believe I pitched at a startup weekend for Ed!” – Local Kindergarten Teacher Participant

“Yay to the rocking folks who are making us Madisonians dream big on behalf of education!”

“I wasn’t sure what I signed up for, but once I got here I knew I was going to make some great connections.” – Recent HS Grad Participant

“Very impressive contestants/judges at the final pitches…” – Local Business Observer

“It was great to branch out and see everyone working together — I am really glad I came”—Local Software Developer Participant

“I don’t have time to learn how to code right now; I am trying to save the world!” – Community Ed Participant

“Can’t wait to see what the rest of the weekend holds.” – College Student Participant

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