Camp Mad Media 2016

A Digital Literacy Summer Camp for Educators

Educators join volunteer instructors and community partners over four weekly sessions in a fun ‘camp’-like setting to expand their digital literacy and test out new methods for student learning and engagement.

Last year, over 90 participants expanded their digital literacy and explored coding, social media, animation and interactive programming as new techniques for learning.

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Coding Camp

With Jenna Garcia (the Midwest Regional Director of at the helm, participants learned different ways to teach (and learn) using the free curricula.

Social Media Camp

Janice Mertes from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction showed tips and tricks for social media from her department’s webpage as well as gave teachers a hands on perspective of social media in schools.

Animation Camp

Nate Clark of the Madison Public Library led attendees in an exploration of creating movies and simple animation through easy to use apps. Using iPads, hand drawings, and other props, creating films could never be more fun – or easier to do in a classroom setting!

Interactive Gaming Camp

Your school grounds and local community is a laboratory for interactive learning! The Field Day Lab website for educational games was one of many resources introduced by David Gagnon for this camp. These games are designed with teachers in mind for educational use in and out of the classroom.

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