Tell me a story!  We learned new techniques for interviews and storytelling, and  how to capture and share those stories by creating Podcasts!

Alyssa Tsagong is Director of Education at Wisconsin Public Television and a leader in community-based, interactive learning through public media. In her role at WPT she oversees the education work of the station, developing resources, events, partnerships and collaborations to ignite curiosity in learners of all ages. She believes that storytelling and digital media literacy have the power extend learning beyond the classroom and be bridges for us to connect across differences.

Craig Eley is a project administrator, sound enthusiast, and cultural historian based in Madison, Wisconsin. Craig has Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Iowa, and has held research fellowships at the Smithsonian Institution and the Penn State Institute for the Arts and Humanities. Currently, he is advocating for and negotiating public humanities scholarship and career paths.


Check out this awesome document chalk full of links to help you get podcasting started in the classroom!


And here are some favorite podcasts from our expert presenters!





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