What’s holding you back from making your classroom the coolest makerspace around?  Educators thinking this same thing came to get creative with Bubbler Staff, Carlee Latimer and Rebecca Millerjohn to explore hands- and minds-on activities from the Library’s award winning collection of Maker Kits and activities.




Carlee Latimer is the Madison Public Library Bubbler Program Assistant and has worked in a variety of school and community settings throughout Madison. Her passions and projects form an intersection between youth and community development and learning through arts and creativity. Rebecca Millerjohn is a youth services librarian at the Sequoya Library, and a six-year veteran classroom educator and teaching coach. The Bubbler has been working with MakerEd and recently received a Google grant to become one of 10 national hubs for Maker Education.


Check out their presentation and handouts from the morning!


we think big maker kit presentation.pptx

Rebecca Millerjohn Headshot

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