Together we kicked-off Camp MAD Media by making our own animations and videos using Stop Animation techniques.  We created ‘moving’ tributes to our own educator skills under the direction of Media Lab director, Nate Clark.  No previous experience was necessary, and the animations turned out great!


Nate Clark is a professional CG Artist and Filmmaker working in both the video game and film industry. He has worked on several award winning games and films, as well as dozens of local independent films in the city of Madison, WI. He has received multiple awards for rigging, animation, cinematography and visual effects.Nate has been working with the Madison Public Library since 2012, and has been the Digital Media Lab Instructor at the Madison Public Library Media Lab since its inception in 2013.


Take a look at our teacher creations! What fun!

Camp MAD Media — Teacher Animations


LAURA USE THIS Media_Lab_Stop_Motion_02

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