LRNG: Badgerland

There has never been a more exciting and creative time for education! WeThinkBig takes a look at promising ideas, programs, and innovative approaches.

When we heard about LRNG, we knew bringing the initiative to the Badgerland was going to be our next big idea!

LRNG is a national initiative that grew out of intensive research by the MacArthur Foundation and is now spearheaded by the innovative not-for-profit organization, LRNG/SNHU.  WeThinkBig partnered with them and with local schools, employers, organizations and WI-DPI to pilot test and launch the LRNG:Badgerland Network.  The initiative continues in select communities today.

Communities of Learning: LRNG in Badgerland

In today’s connected age, the possibilities for learning are endless.  We have a vision for making learning more powerful, relevant, connected and accessible by meeting learners where they are and by empowering them to explore and engage with their passions.

Highly engaging, blended, and learner-centered educational experiences – created and integrated with local community in mind — is designed to foster life-long learning skills and better prepare young learners for the 21st Century.

See how the LRNG approach supports A New Vision for Learning.

Hear how CESA 2 and local school districts Used the Approach for Professional Development.

Visit to learn more about how students and partner organizations in Wisconsin are connecting to empower learners and become Communities of Learning.

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