LRNG: Badgerland

There has never been a more exciting and creative time for education! WeThinkBig takes a look at promising ideas, programs, and innovative approaches.

When we heard about LRNG, we knew bringing the City of LRNG initiative to the Badgerland area was going to be our next big idea!  LRNG is a national initiative that grew out of intensive research by the MacArthur Foundation and spearheaded by the innovative not-for-profit organization, Collective Shift.  We Think Big partnered with local schools, employers and organizations to pilot test LRNG and launched LRNG:Badgerland in 2018.  Beginning 2019, the WI DPI has graciously agreed to take on and host the LRNG:Badgerland Network.



A City of Learning: LRNG in Badgerland

Find ways to turn your passion into fuel for your future. Learn with your friends, mentors, on the web, on your phone, in your neighborhood and across the region. The possibilities are endless! Visit to learn more about how students and partner organizations are connecting to become a City of Learning.

Experiences and Badges: Get Started with LRNG

We’re starting to design an interconnected “City of Learning” throughout Badgerland with you in mind. Find exciting educational opportunities, cool events, and connections to fuel your future! Visit to explore how you can earn badges through completing online and local activities and experiences (XPs).