The Three Year Recap

Dear Friends,   

The 2019 New Year brings new horizons, new approaches and new developments at WeThinkBig!

After over 3 ½ years of building education partnerships and exploring innovative ways to share programming and talents to benefit all learners, we have decided it’s time to “scale up” the best of WTB’s programs for Wisconsin!   

To do so, we are gifting WeThinkBig’s most promising education initiatives to select organizations who will continue our work on a much larger scale.  Confident that these programs will continue to prosper and grow in the hands of these trusted partners, we have formally wrapped up WeThinkBig operations.    

We sunset with confidence that our vision for good continues on a bright horizon.  Here’s why…

In 2014, a group of education and civic leaders met to explore what could be done to support educators and build bridges between the education and business sectors — and WTB was born.

The mandate was simple:  Listen to needs, identify and showcase examples of excellence, find resources and experiences to strengthen professional confidence, and build supportive and sustainable relationships within the community. 

The approach was straight forward:  Convene stakeholders, catalyze and test new ideas, identify resources and best fit, and find the right partners to make it grow.

But what was needed most was something more elusive:  Trust, confidence, inspiration, and supportive community – and you were part of the magic that made it work.

Together, WTB worked to showcase innovative leaders, share new skills and ideas, and build sustainable relationships among partners.  The WTB experience proved that collective impact in education is possible where there is vision, trust and respect.

We are most grateful to Trusted Partners who have stepped up to ensure the momentum continues:

  • The LRNG:Badgerland Network will continue under WI-DPI leadership;
  • You may see Startup Weekend for Education as a future offering of the gene8tor program;
  • Several of the Taste of Tech and Happy Hour of Code experiences are part of the Wisconsin EdSurge Collaboration and the DPI Wisconsin Hour of Code Week initiative; and
  • The Tech Ed Alliance lives on through DANEnet; and TeachersNet & Madison Education Group networks now organized by the education team at Demco.

It would be remiss to close WTB’s tenure without recognizing the involvement, and contributions of so many volunteers, partners and community members.  WTB’s legacy would not be possible without the vision and generous support of WTB’s founding donors, Tashia & John Morgridge, and other friends whose remarkable support for education in Wisconsin will impact generations.

The New Year is indeed full of promise for education in Wisconsin and we are excited about what we see on its bright horizon. 

 — Kathe Crowley Conn, CEO, WeThinkBig


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