We Still Believe

With its world-class schools, colleges and research universities; forward-thinking school districts and outstanding educators; world-class educational organizations and emerging entrepreneurial sector, Wisconsin has the potential to become a vibrant regional hub of learning innovation and student success.

Time for Collaboration in Wisconsin

The current pace, scale and quality of innovations and collaborations taking place across the educational ecosystem in the United States are unparalleled. Many of the resulting initiatives require a home base to get off the ground and thrive.

WeThinkBig, Inc. was incorporated and ran as a nonprofit organization from 2014 – 2018 to provide that home base in the State of Wisconsin.  It embarked upon a three-year mission to look deeply into local educational ecosystems and explore best practices around the country to ascertain:

  • Who is doing what;
  • What strengths exist in the region;
  • What else might be needed to realize vibrant and sustainable educational communities.

It also explored how to best frame and promote public thinking about education, and how to ensure that collaborative efforts to improve education become a shared priority across sectors and in our communities.

WTB launched programs and activities that solicited input, broke down barriers, articulated vision, and provided inspiration and skills for 21st century learning.  In the process, it became a catalyst for developing and sharing best practices that can make a difference in every student’s education.

Mission & Approach

WeThinkBig LLC works to:

  • Inspire and shape a shared vision for educational innovation in the region;
  • Empower educators by providing the tools to realize that vision; and
  • Engage across sectors to create the partnerships necessary for success.

Through initiatives that:

  • Showcase emerging ideas and models for educational innovation;
  • Put the best learning tools into the hands of educators and students; and
  • Catalyze relationships and create partnerships between education, business and the entire community to support innovation success.
  • Are independent, nimble, non-partisan and multi-sector.


WeThinkBig, Inc. wrapped up its founding nonprofit work at the end of 2018, but its spirit continues.  The consulting entity WeThinkBig LLC was established in 2019 to provide services to partners and communities continuing WTB’s legacy work and approach.  It continues to work with education and civic leaders to build capacity and support innovative solutions.

For information on WTB Inc.’s founding legacy, see its Three-Year Recap Overview and Year in Review reports.

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