Time for Collaboration in Wisconsin

The current pace, scale and quality of collaborations taking place across the educational ecosystem in the United States is unparalleled. Many of the resulting initiatives require a home base to get off the ground and thrive.

WeThinkBig, Inc. was incorporated and ran as a not-for-profit organization from 2014 – 2018 to provide that home base in the State of Wisconsin. In the process, it became a catalyst for developing and sharing best practices that can make a difference in every student’s education.

Continuing in that spirit, WeThinkBig LLC was created in 2019 as a consulting entity to continue that legacy work; advising and providing services to communities.  It continues today to explore how collaborative efforts to improve education become a shared priority across sectors and in our communities.

For a look at WTB’s legacy in collaboration, see Three Year Recap & Years in Review and Partners & Friends.

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